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Seekers return with a four-part vinyl series, plus a 90-minute cassette

Vittoria Diana | June 4, 2021

Source: Trommel

The Seekers project curated by Alex Picone and Mona Bit has been a tastemaker across the eclectic, genre-spanning scene held across the likes of Hoppetosse and Club Der Visionaere for many years.

The Italian’s work ethic has rarely dipped, through his numerous music projects in TWIG, Baffling Noise and The Kicks together with Maayan Nidam; without forgetting his work with Luciano’s Cadenza in the late 2000s. Picone also runs the vinyl distribution hub Small Black Dots, alongside the newly opened, Barcelona-based record store and gallery of the same name.

16 tracks make up the new release, each pressed to a 90 minute cassette, as well as spreading across three 12″s and a 7″ vinyl. Meandering through a vast pool of genres and influences, the curation drifts through contrasting emotions and tempos, each shaped with Seekers’ identifiably twitchy, inquisitive charm.

A close-knit crew of producers spanning all the way from North Yorkshire to Perth Australia feature across the release. Welcoming both new and frequent faces back to the label, each cut offers an insight into a world of slick, playful grooves shaping the curious, thought-provoking mystic that is embodied by both the label’s catalogue and aesthetic.


Each record is split into titles ‘ENERGY (MIND)’, ‘SPACE (SPIRIT)’, TIME (SOUL), and the bonus 7″ ‘INTEGRATED CONSCIOUSNESS’. Echoing the releases ethereal monikers, music remains within conscious, ambiguous realms; working warm, analogue signals into bouncy, 90s leaning house and techno.

The first of the three 12″s takes firm aim at the dance floor. ‘A Little Nucleus’ opens the record with a fierce, ravey energy; working a nimble, low-slung bassline between old-school stabs and enticingly swung drums.

Heading down a more pensive, after-hour avenue throughout SKR008.1, the Seekers crew wrap a pool of joyous feelings around fragile, thought-provoking embers lathered with their signature abstract, bleepy elegance.

Records two and three are difficult to pin down. ‘Life Is Beautiful’ brings a glorious dose of hope, working subtle melodies soaked with a sense of gratitude and appreciation.

B2’s ‘Seekers edit’ of ‘Cavern’ approaches a more home listening vibe, reducing the tempo towards hip-hop and boasting cruisey, laid back atmospheres ideal for both at home, or a patient warm up set.

Lean garagey flavours enter the mix in SKR008.3. Following much of the dreamy, hopeful atmospheres heard throughout the release, tempos pick up the pace whilst maintaining a warm, wholesome feeling, before delving deep into ‘INTEGRATED CONSCIOUSNESS’.

The two-track bonus 7″ hosts the most intense and introspective cuts of the curation. Whether its the hands-on-head acid emotion rattling ‘Eleven’, or the ominous breaks of ‘Interstella S’, there is sure a moment for every setting across this ambitious, long-form release.

Buy the full release and individual records at the label’s Bandcamp

Written by Vittoria Diana


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    05. Let The People

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